Diafragma, international photography and visual arts festival, Covilhã 2021, is an inaugural festival. It celebrates photography in particular, “the most important event in the arts” (A. Bazin). This initiative contributes to enriching and diversifying the cultural life of the city, fostering the taste and cult of visual arts and contemporary photography.

It proposes an alternative view of everything that surrounds us, a place that is a stimulus to different «ways of seeing» (J. Berger), a place of interventions and revelations. Culture is also made of differences. A difference that time and space, chaos and order seek ceaselessly to understand.

The theme we chose for this year’s festival is “There is only one land”. The land is seriously

threatened and, with it, our future and our quality of life. Temperatures do not cease to rise, and the oceans continue to heat up. The growing consumerist habits contribute to the worsening of the situation. Extreme droughts are more constant and more devastating, and storms are more frequent and destructive. More poverty and inequality are generated. We should not ignore this.

“There is only one land”, however, is a theme that refers to multiple readings. More than invoking the need to fight for the protection of the environment, against climate change, it also refers to the reflection on everything that man leaves as a mark on the earth; it demands for you to look at yourself as an earthly being and think about contributing to a better and more dignified world which protects life in all its forms and manifestations.

We bring out to the public the artistic works of twenty-two artists and two groups of talented young people, students from Campos de Melo and Quinta das Palmeiras secondary schools, in exhibitions spread over four of the municipality’s cultural spaces: Galeria de Exposiçoes Tinturaria (Tinturaria Art Gallery) Museu de Lanifícios /UBI , Wool Museum /UBI, Biblioteca Municipal (Municipal Library), in Covilhã, and Casa de Cultura José Marmelo e Silva, in Paul.

Our arms are wide open to receive you.

Nelson Marmelo, Artistic Diretor